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BED AND BREAKFAST Pontassieve 10 km da Firenze

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take the name from Ponte (bridge) that connect the Sieve that allowed the connection of Florence to the Sieve valley, the Casentino and Valdarno. The strategic value of the position convinced the Florence Republic to build a huge fort, the S.Michele Arcangelo Castle that at the end of the XIV century became the administrative centre of the area. Up to now there are still three of the old four original doors of the fort: at the south Filicaia door, west Fiorentina door and at east Orologio door. In the centre of the old castle , in Vittorio Emanuele's place, there is the townhall, already Sansoni Trombetta palace (XVII-XIX century), with a fresco paint great hall of Ferdinando Folchi (1822-93) with famous heroine stories. From the Orologio door that has the original characters of the fourteenth-century fortification starts the old merchant village that will arrive up to the spectacular Mediceo Bridge (1555) characterized by the contrast of the brickwork arches and the stone pilasters. Pontassieve is a characteristic village in the middle of the typical sweet Tuscany hills: the cereal fields are alternated with the olive plants and vines and spread out there are hundreds of house farmers. The countryside was densely populated during the Roman period and the feudal era and still now there are many castles and medieval villages that are in this side of the Tuscan countryside. Pontassieve is immediately at the East side of Florence in a charmed territory. We are in the Chianti Rufina Docg and Pomino Doc reign, two different wines with different personality and characteristics, both well known and appreciated from centuries. Up on these hills that are closed to the Appennini the great Tuscan civilization get sublimated in a view of towers, old manor houses, old sixteenth-century villas and roman parish. Here Giotto lived his artistic adolescence; here the most famous Tuscan families build up their villas and castles: here the Tuscan Christianity had its major cult places. In this landscape to be discovered the street of wine Chianti Rufina and Pomino is born, where sixteen wine farms and restaurants are there to be discovered. Through the visit to the wine-makers cooperative stores the street propose a trip to discover the beauties of a territory delimitated of five municipalities; Pontassieve, Pelago, Rufina, Londa e Dicomano. One of the most interesting characteristics of the street wine of Chianti Rufina and Pomino is due to the fact that is near Florence and this gives the opportunity to go for daily trip. The presence of some of the most beautiful Tuscan roman parishes and castles gives the tourist the possibility to diversify the journey up to his decision and depending on the disposal time.

Bed & breakfast, affittacamere, guest house, casa vacanze, home holiday LEONARDO'S ROOMS - LOCANDA NOVA Via Piave 7 Pontassieve Florence Italy TEL. +39 0558368192-360923824 |

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