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San Galgano, Vinci, Vicchio

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The building made up of the Hermitage (also called MONTESIEPi’s Round) and of the ruins of the big St. Galgano’s Cistercian Abbey,
is one of the most enchanting views in Tuscany.

Distance h. 1,00

San Galgano Abbey
Leonardo da Vinci

The genius of the Rinascimento,
was born in
Vinci, April 15, 1452
to visit
Leonardo's Library,
Leonardo's Museum and
Leonardo's House (Anchiano).

Distance h. 0,55

Vicchio, were born GIOTTO and BEATO ANGELICO.
The "House of Giotto" is situated on the charming hill of Vespignano, below the church of Saint Martino. Close to Vespignano, the Bridge of Ragnaia, where, second the legend, would have happened the famous encounter between Cimabue and Giotto. An other artist fiorentino s' interlaces with the history of Vicchio, BENVENUTO CELLINI.

The Annunciation - Beatico Agelico - Museum of Church Santa Maria delle Grazie - San Giovanni Valdarno

Near Vicchio there is Barbiana, here Father Milani lived and wrote
Letter to a Teacher
was a best seller in Italy and has been published subsequently in
many languages. The School of Barbiana was awarded the prize of the Italian Physical
Society, usually reserved for promising physicists, for the statistical achievement
involved in the book.

Father Milani are considered as key figures in a number of Southern European countries for providing signposts for a critical approach to education.

Distance h. 0,25

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