Tuscany Francesco Way

the Way of St Francis

Tuscany Francesco way

Firenze PONTASSIEVE La Verna Assisi

It is better to travel well

than to arrive.

Since 1994 Leonardo’s rooms host pilgrims on the The St Francis Way, when thanks to the patience of a Belgian priest the route was retraced and the first small groups from northern Europe arrived.

Our guest house will welcome you at the end of the first stage with the comfort and useful services to be ready to face the Way to Consuma.

We will be happy to answer your questions, you can send us a email at info@leonardosrooms.it

Buon cammino!

The St Francis Way historical florence pontassieve

E’ meglio viaggiare bene

che arrivare

Dal 1994 Leonardo’s rooms ospita i pellegrini sulla Via di San Francesco, quando grazie alla tenacia di un sacerdote belga la via è stata ritracciata e sono così arrivati i primi piccoli gruppi dal nord Europa.

La nostra struttura vi accoglierà alla fine della prima tappa con il comfort e i servizi utili per essere pronti ad affrontare il Cammino verso la Consuma.

Saremo lieti di rispondere a tutte le vostre domande scrivendo a info@leonardosrooms.it

Buon Cammino!

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Firenze Pontassieve

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Introducing: A new Stage 1 for the Way of St Francis

Sandy Brown is a writer, pilgrim walker, tour leader and progressive activist from Seattle, Washington USA. by caminoist.org

Five years later the Regione Toscana has finally adopted the Way of St Francis as an official, Tuscan pilgrim route. They now actually have FIVE routes to La Verna, including two from Florence. Best of all, they’ve approved a brand new walk from Florence to Pontassieve as the first stage of one of their routes, a stage that lines up exactly with the itinerary of my book and the Dutch and German books. Last month I had the opportunity to walk the path and it’s an improvement, saving a total of 4 kilometers and avoiding a few of the annoying hills of the original route. The walk was pioneered by Leonardo Cortese of Pontassieve, who should get credit for creating a great new route for pilgrims. I had the pleasure of staying overnight at his place in Pontassieve, Leonardo’s Rooms, which I highly recommend for pilgrims. I’ve included a slight variation of it as my new Stage 1 route for my book’s 2019 reprinting.

IMG_20190523_183403 The St Francis Way route walk IMG_20200727_080921 The St Francis Way mappa route firenze pontassieve The St Francis Way in Italy, also known as the Via di Francesco, is a superb walking trail inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi.
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